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The Better Homes Affiliate Program

BHCR Affiliates take advantage of their business and social contacts. When they refer a friend to Better Homes, everyone wins.

Are you in the North America, Europe, Asia or the Middle East and you have contacts who might be interested in property in Costa Rica? You can earn substantial commissions on your referrals to Better Homes that result in sales.

Perhaps you have a web site that caters to a demographic that would be interested in vacation, investment or retirement property in Costa Rica. We can provide you with banners and your own special link code to allow you to get credit when those folks buy a property from Better Homes.

You can always refer potential buyers to Better Homes with confidence. We have a professional team that will attend to your referral and work with you to secure a sale.

Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the most attractive vacation, investment and retirement locations in the world. Do your friends and business contacts a big favor and expose them to the wonderful possibilities.

If after reading this page you are interested in becoming a Better Homes Affiliate the first step is to complete the Better Homes Affiliate Application form which you can access by clicking here.

How It Works:
Click on each step for more detailed information.

How It Works - In More Detail:

Step 1 - The Affiliate (You) Makes a Referral to the Affiliate's (Your) Doorway Page
As an affiliate you will be given a custom Affiliate Doorway Page* made just for you. You can give that address to the people you refer to the Better Homes Costa Rica web site. When your referral arrives at your doorway page there will be a message from you and your invitation to enter after they provide their name and e-mail address. When your referral submits that information they are sent to the Better Homes web site. At the same time an e-mail is sent to you, the Affiliate, to let them know your referral is now active and that event is also logged on your Affiliate's Referral Log**.

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Step 2 - Your Referral Enters the BHCR Web Site
The referral visits the Better Homes web site and hopefully finds properties of interest. This is a critical time and the Affiliate is expected to take advantage of the e-mail notice they received about this referral and contact the referral and assist in the sales process. The affiliate should follow up with the referral and Better Homes to promote the sales process. All of the forms on the BHCR web site ask the person using them if they have been referred by a BHCR Affiliate. You should always encourage your referral to make a note that they have a relationship with you.

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Step 3 - The Referral Purchases a Property
The Affiliate (you), when possible, is expected to assist, if necessary, in the sales process. For example, if the Affiliate has a unique relationship with the referral or can assist is translation or can assist in the completion of documents, etc. assistance is expected. When the sale of the property is completed the Affiliate is paid their referral fee.

The standard referral fee is 20% of the selling agents fee. An example of how it breaks down on a $600k sale at 6% commission = $36k. 30% ($10,800) for Better Homes = $25.200k total commission to the agent X 20% for the Affiliate = $5,040.

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View The Process In A Live Example
You can visit a live example of a Doorway Page and Referral Log Page at the links below:

Example *Affiliate Doorway Page - http://www.cococlassifieds.com/example/ (fill out the form with any info you wish)

Example **Affiliate Referral Log Page - http://www.cococlassifieds.com/example/reports/
Note that what you entered to pass through the doorway page is now added to the Referral Log

If after reading this page you are interested in becoming a Better Homes Affiliate the first step is to complete the Better Homes Affiliate Application form which you can access by clicking here.

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