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At the end of the day we stand on our reputation. Below are a number of e-mails from our customers. Many of them have become good friends and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.
ʺWe were pleased when you found what we wanted without showing us a lot of things we didnít want. We would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for not being a pushy realtor."
Garfield and Pat, Kamloops BC

From: Steven Latanville []
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 8:12 PM
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Bruce

I really do apologize for this late testimonial but I guess better late than never.

My partner and I traveled to Costa Rica on three separate occasions before we knew we wanted to buy an investment/retirement property. Our research via the internet from home in Canada quickly lead us to Better Homes Costa Rica and Bruce Hummel.

We did some research ahead of time to decide where we wanted to buy and what our chances would be of finding a great property with our "limited" budget. We contacted Bruce ahead of time and planned a meeting while we were traveling in February 2010.

Bruce met us at our B&B and took us to several places - some close to town and a few a short distance out of town. He quickly learned out likes and dislikes and thoroughly understood that although we were interested in buying, it had to be "the right property" for us. Not just any property.

After viewing some properties, Bruce had one last place "up his sleeve". Looking at the spec sheet we realized it was out of our price range. What were you thinking Bruce? He re-assured us the price was negotiable and promised us "this is the one". And it was! It had everything we wanted and more. The views were amazing, the infinity pool beautiful and close to the quiet beach of Ocotal. That was it - we were hooked!

We let Bruce know that we had to do some thinking and really decide if this was what we wanted. Bruce was so understanding. No questions asked but was always available to answer the multitude of questions we fired at him.

Approx. one month later we made our final decision, had our finances in order and decided to call Bruce. From then on, it was smooth sailing. Despite the tough negotiations with the seller, Bruce kept us going. When we finally came to an agreeable price he immediately recommended a great lawyer for us. Within the matter of a month, all was done and the unit was ours.

If you have not bought foreign property before, you can image how unnerving it can be. Not only was it a 7 hour flight away, but we didn't know a soul there - other than Bruce. And the main language was not English! Everything went smoothly, from the fantastic lawyers we had to arranging our home insurance... "just in case".

If you are thinking of buying in Costa Rica, especially in the Guanacaste Province, we would definitely recommend Better Homes Costa Rica and Bruce Hummel. He was professional and patient throughout the entire process. He kept us aware of everything that was going on and reassured us the whole way.

Thanks again Bruce for making a new experience and challenge a smooth transition.

Steven Latanville and Michael Liew
Toronto Canada

From: Elvino Rocha
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 7:12 PM
Subject: Testimonial
To whom it may concern:
Re: Bruce Hummel, Owner/Broker
Better Homes Real Estate S. A.
Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  I confirm that I have known Bruce Hummel for the past three years. Our relationship commenced with the purchase of my property through his real-estate company.
  I have found Mr. Hummel to be honest, dependable, reliable, courteous and very helpful in making my experience in Costa Rica positive and satisfying.
  Mr. Hummel has been available on many occasions to assist me in official matters such as banking and local municipal issues. I feel these attributes demonstrates someone with an exceptional character. I have been impressed with his commitment. I have been impressed with his dedication to customer satisfaction and glad to be an acquaintance.
  Yours faithfully,
Elvino Rocha, Owner
Queen's Square Physiotherapy of Cambridge, ON, Canada

Good morning, Bruce....
  As another of my typically chaotic days looms, I knew nothing could delay me from sending you a quick note.
  In all you did to help us with our Costa Rican condo, you were outstanding beyond brilliant and terrific beyond amazing. To tell you how enormously grateful I am is faint praise.
  A family of five were in a foreign country, anxiously looking for a second home. Without a clue, blindly searching with no idea where to start. Not even knowing if Coco was the place that fit our wants and needs.
Without warning, we came across you, Bruce Hummel, who plunged in with competence and spirit. Not only taking over for our original realtor (whom we have never met), you took us under your wing, patiently showed us neighboring towns, beaches, waterfalls, zip lines, even things that children under six would find appealing. You took us fishing, even letting us pose with the giant fish you caught. Icing the cake by inviting us to numerous "fisherman special" dinners with all your friends and prominent members of Coco's community.
  Bruce, you have gone above and beyond the parameters of business. You displayed compassion, knowledge, patience, never once trying to pressure us into making a decision, rather empowering us with information to choose to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. But most of all we consider you to be a great friend and part of our family. We are in debt to you. You didn't have to do what you did, but you did and that's what makes you great! Thank you!
  Bruce Wagner and family

  After visiting friends in Costa Rica we decided we wanted to buy a place for retirement. We found the Better Homes website and began communicating with Bruce via email on our plans. Bruce is the person you feel comfortable with the moment you meet him. He is honest and reliable and he knows real estate. He will work to get you the property you want. We consider him a good friend. Thanks Bruce for being there when we needed you.
  Lewis & Joan Koontz, North Carolina

  It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Bruce Hummel of Better Homes Real Estate - Costa Rica, who recently sold my condo located in Ocotal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. And I have also listed another property with him as well.
  He is not only a very good real estate agent, he is also a very nice person. A very good real estate agent by definition involves knowing the market, being honest, trustworthy and a good communicator. I was kept informed every step of the way and I always felt Bruce had my interest at heart.
  I have also worked with Bruce on other real estate transactions and he develops a relationship with his clients and makes sure they are taken care of.
  Truly a friendship has resulted in a business relationship. In short, Bruce is helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Bruce to any one interested in selling or buying real estate.
  Susan Meyer

  Bruce handled the sale of our home in Playa del Coco with all the professionalism and courtesy one could ever hope for. Thank you Bruce for all the hard work and help in finding a buyer for our house.
Sharon and Greg Savage

Hi Bruce,
  I went to the web site but could not find where to leave a testimonial.
So, here it is:
  "Working with Bruce Hummel from Better Homes Real Estate was phenomenal. My husband Alberto is originally from Costa Rica and he knows his country. Bruce knew just what we were looking for when we described the condo we wanted. What's more, he found our dream home in Costa Rica for us at the price we wanted. Everyone was happy, buyer, seller and real estate agent. We all got what we wanted and with no hassle whatsoever. Bruce Hummel is wonderful!"
  Thanks Bruce! Cheryl Resnick, Cortes and Alberto Cortes

Hi! Bruce:
  Thank-you for helping us to find our place in Playa Del Coco. I was a little concerned about buying a place that we looked at only 3 days before we left to return to Kamloops. We were very pleased when everything went through without any problems. Also thanks for helping find a person to paint and clean the place up.
  We were pleased when you found what we wanted without showing us a lot of things we didnít want. We would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for not being a pushy realtor.
  Garfield and Pat, Kamloops BC

  Buying and selling in Costa Rica seemed very daunting initially, but once we began working with Bruce, our stress went away. His expert knowledge and years of experience doing business in the Costa Rica environment has made our transactions go well and our experience has been a pleasure. We have placed our trust in him when we are not in Costa Rica and he has never let us down. We feel completely at ease knowing Bruce is handling our property needs.
  Jane and Almont Mitchell, Tennessee

Dear Casey and Bruce,
  As an owner of a rental property that you have managed for almost 2 years now, I can only say good things. You have been accessible, easy to deal with, good with tenants, and generally been most helpful in making our rental a success. I would strongly recommend you to others who are considering renting out their property.
  Best Regards, Tom Paine, California

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